Time Design

All things breakso sorry I am at timethat it aches at meand has no design. I follow the rules,foul consequence.I'll break all of themin front of you hence. My fire is dousedbut a flame beckonthe energy free in meseeks introspection. Tearing at the seamsbut I whimper not.The Lord he wasteda time long forgot. Have I … Continue reading Time Design


Just a puzzle existsin this tunnel I'm amiss;puzzled I try twista modicum of bliss. Riddle me a riddle,play me like a fiddle.Maybe of love a littleto make bitter brittle. Fragile is a worldflowers won't unfurl;the hurt my worldit opens for a girl. Just take a trip seemy heart sees a seain sweet love to breathe;in … Continue reading Suture


Lightning strikes fastand the world lashes out.Storms show aspect amoon knows not about.***A community of starsholds a balance to burn.The celestial beings ofthe new sort must learn.***Welcome to the rail itI ride to feel the thrill.And the intensity of apill it will make men kill.***The whole world makesa man turn around slow.It makes him see … Continue reading Equilibrium