(Work In Progress…)


I was a cloud up above
this trip I sip a little brittle.
But I dress up in dark
clothes so I can hide a little.

What I’ve been wanting
what has been me haunting
is your breath I seek and
I find your pursuit daunting.

Let me bleed let me see
all that computes in discovery.
Lead me to a breath of a
miraculous lovely recovery.

I sit here on this sphere
near to my precipice on top
of a buzz you and I both
have not soon ever forgot.

Something creeps in that
escapes me and my lips I quip
that I let loose surrendered
my hand fell from a tender grip.

I let it overtake a mistake
fell from a shadow I take well.
Here in the shadows I hurt
and I am able to pacify my hell.

Have A Good Night Love

Oh yeah and this has Sia in it…

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