Stares Nowhere


I’m finding stares nowhere
and I so very self-aware
who’s come and gone there
where I can not help care.

I stare at the void so wide
where eyes conceal pride
and the apple of your eye
brings you joyous delight.

I am destroyed you like it
where everything neatly fits
I will keep that place well lit
and warmth gives you kicks.

Swallow pride swallow all
of that thing you say you call
the place where Adam did fall
in Paradise by a tree so tall.

I can only be a part of art
by deceiving light beams.
I shoot for the moon always
for really I do not want seen.

My substance my dignity I
can not ill afford to loose.
So be free little white dove of
love if it keeps off a noose.

Fatal casualty smell phosphor
be well cautious to prosper
in a field where led a father
to plant seed of little offer.

I am a bitter pill swallow me
for the skin pierced to bleed
that keeps me in insecurities
that fail me and I hope it leaves.

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