Oh My Soul

Stretch out the cast die
make this game sane I
comply so I must cast I try
it all out in drunken spite.
My disease I hate me
when I saw you complete
leave me to this treat
I dance I am discreet.
Fancy a talk an exchange
in a world unknown sane
take a drill to my brain,
let’s talk until day remains.
I want a new day to be born
in this chasm of rage storm
I cry for her so damned
and so forlorn.
I see her face everywhere in
the day or night once again.
I don’t know what is wrong song
is lovely her thought begins.
This rupture of my tomb
sends my spine crime soon.
I break but am lovely fine
her in mind brightens mood.
Feel my mind in this bliss
I shall kiss a story I’ll miss.
That of me not knowing in this
life I live now I won’t dismiss.

– Nicole

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