Trigger Effects

Hello my fellow fiend of keen
sight in the vibe inside is pristine.

I know the fair amount of shit,
trigger the effects of a wrecks hit.

What is this thing in front I spare?
Today what is true it can be fair.

Break bread and spare an ease
take a fellow of a fiend indeed.

Take in a show in the valley of death,
I know the shit the trigger effects.

Go so far as it may seem fair,
I go with you as far as we dare.

Appease and please at speed
and plead in pristine prestige. 

Rudderless maze can I phase
the day I ask if I may feel okay?

Spare me trivial trident of truth.
I have the time in mind the proof.

Swords I’ve known I’ve the gods
and today I still fight on the odds.

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