Pull My Trigger My Love

I’m a figure of what some say

in the Adam’s apple relay

I do to you the same anyway

you look my gaze it will slay.

Tell themselves they do to

their own known usual criminal.

Rather me I have to say that

me I am my own animal. 

Raise this boy in your school

tell the stories you’ve told before.

Tell them to me in sheets soft

about the man you wanted more.

I am aloft in the joy of such

thoughts of our kiss our touch.

The splender if I may enter

these halls I call my crutch.

Feel this bliss kiss an adrift lift

of melted down verbiage maybe crisp

is a rhyme I want to share amdist

the unusual sounds I like to reminisce.

Fluctuate and radiate elate me do.

Feel this function function under shoe.

Yours is a fine example my dear

we stick together like glue.

Then we wander then we become

numb, numb, numb…

S.O.S. I send in distress is this mess

of a fool under whim duress.

Encounter me I may give notice hi.

I’ve got a story or two to supply

to your splendid eye my trigger

pull it my sweet love so I’ll comply. 


Written and copyrighted by Jared Winchester (You May Not Ever Use This Without Consent)

Just kidding I don’t give a fuck. Lol.

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