Sometimes A Liar

Stable and strengthened bow,
will sail above in strength’s vow.

And the lights like your love,
I have had quite enough.

Now I seek to ease to soar
like a dragon like an angel more.

The light is my helm I’ve cried
number of nights love I’ve tried.

Slumber in the vestibule under sky
that lights my fight I try survive.

Keep the sleep I dream at ease
before I beg but I do and ask please.

Set my fears down and help pain
of facing dancing in futures reign.

What will the days bring I wander
in a haunted land I can’t find slumber.

Until the end I will become numb.
But wiser before I truly succumb.

I give a second for the passing world
to see that my life’s become unfurled.

Like a flower like a dragon of fire.
I’ll be known as giver and maybe a liar.

But I will entertain until last breath
love and passion until my death.

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