You Know Who You Are

The deceit the lies
come up in great supply
every line I read you sly
try to get past me by.

I will not put up with
the bullshit I get.
I’ll not for much longer
put up with this.

The pause the delay
everytime I want to say
things that mean a lot
to me I sit and pray.

No response
no reply until you
want the version
of truth misconstrued.

Hide who are you
and why I play your game
is because I want for your
safety and comfort same.

Take take it all and go
I want you to always know
I learned not a damn
thing from you to grow.

Grow this anger does
more than the person I
envisioned you as instead
you’re a serpent sly.

I went down your hole
to see where it goes
and I will always know
you’re an empty bitter soul.

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