Fear Around Here

In step with a beat
that moves on me sweet
is my demise hope flees
as my fear finds its feet.

The path fear travels
is hidden and wild grown.
The foliage is red to black
and hiding the unknown.

The beasts I fear starve
for the weakness in me.
I know this as a fellow soul
I forgive so free and easy.

Advantageous, ambitious,
sly and never seen is danger.
I never found it useful but
maybe I too will use anger.

Not in spite looking to fight
senses sense a sensible avenue
that sews together the fabric of
what fear tries to misconstrue.

Clear is my head as my ego
tells me all is well around here.
The dark is still present so I
seek anyone who is near.

What I see is cloaked black
and its feet make no sound.
My fear I should embrace to
face so my fire can be found.


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