Epiphanies In Me

Maybe I am a sparrow
against the wind in a storm;
a person in need of fire
deep within my soul born.

My sweet joyous thoughts
I have to push them aside.
A hurricane upon my seas
is what I daily try and fight. 

Terse words tear me apart,
harsh looks float my way
as I dig deep to put on a face
of joy while pain has it’s day. 

My body is worn from years
and my mind copes with fears
resonating in my reflection as
I look back upon all past tears. 

I can try harder and be better
than what I’ve done before.
But I first have to hear all
those who I chose to ignore.

Stubborn minded soul I am
I have come to finally see,
that the world has its grace
that has yet to set me free.

Eyes that have locked onto
my own they’ve taught well.
Some souls drag us down
while they themslves try excel.

I want to remove all the hurt,
I want to put at ease my soul.
I want peace in places I dwell
to be comfort that will console.

My renewed mind sees it now,
a spark of light lit a place
that sees all the turmoil fierce
and sees alone it I can not face.  


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