Freedom From Demons

Conversations I’ve had dosed

give reality another dimension

and warps crude what eyes see

into things I will never mention.

Taken by the vices broken

I had an aid to keep me calm.

Revert my hurt into voids

did this thing in my palm.

Now I need to see what flows

in hindsight as the buzz fights

to leave from in my blood I

examine things in my sight.

I can be wholesome and tender,

and in despair need for repair

from the things I can always see

as obstacles they’re always there.

I’ve taken control and liberated

from my body some things that

have numbed all my anxiety into

what I now know I can combat.

I’ve taken a turn for the better

after I said fuck worry before bed.

Now free I see all with clarity it

that broke me and what I need fed.

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