Planted Seed

Sometimes I see a calamity
boil vicious spiteful sound.
It seeks tragedy to plant seed
to try and pull people down.

The places I’ve seen here
I want them in the past tense.
I want it all to dissapear
because none of it makes sense.

Twisted ego narcissism
shapes the vowels so fake.
All platitudes precision
from aspects comes hate.

Mistaken rumors whispers
make me want to burn it down.
I hear all the secrets blister
smiles turning to frowns.

Manipulate do all demons
and many have them ablaze.
Create do rancorous seasons
reasons to sustain their haze.

Maybe a quick rush of
lies to fill a quick robbery
of all that we see it’s enough
to plant seeds of indecency.

To soil the lives of ours
others will pretend and spit
lies by the dozens the hours
of not but hateful shit.

Let’s all live with power
over those who try to slit throats.
You’ve seen it before devour;
cowards with lips gossip most.

Twisted words sour expel
the vilest innuendo of hell.
For the simplest minds fell
for the most glorious tales.

It is mist let it sail beyond
the borders of an endless sea
where your world isn’t wrong;
you are master of your creed.

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