Try as I may I fade away
everyday it is the same;
mundane a brain relays
love crimes that phase.

I once was a new creation
in eyes beguiled a child
by beautiful imagination
of feminine fancy wild.

Struck down in toxicity
after love I carried within.
Unrequited I fell apart
not knowing where begin.

I am a marred man heavy
with sorrow of a lost queen.
No words can console me
or bring a comforting sheen.

Rapture of love escaped
but hope has held me high.
I seek tender confidence
that tender people supply.

But tenderness is dead
in brimstone life all fails.
My heart has been tortured
into its own vicious hell.

I need a release and I seek
a cheek to laugh to cry with.
The love from above I seek
turns everyday into a myth.

None love how I need
so I escape here to bleed
and see I am what I breath
in life as strife I release.

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