Testing Ways How To Behave

I slit my wrists to feel
the skin tear apart as art
as if life had let me feel real
in the dirt as one I am part.

Lust is just a little taste
so in haste I will grace
the bitter paths we face
with this cigarette I lace.

Tell me so much is lost
and I will serve intention
as a man not made of frost
but rather one of dimension.

I can live either path relax
I serve myself lies and facts
as I turn my own self back
to a person who slowly reacts.

Impulse is driven down deep
with the pills I fill I will drill
down to the ground I will reap
what has been the cost of thrill.

I will love myself in waves
an earth full of beloved graves
knows me the best I test ways
I’m not suppose to behave.

Beauty is bliss as earth supplies
many pretty faces with lies.
We must think sober and wise
if beauty we behold don’t cry. 

I go on and rise in a universe
I’ve seen with eyes I had before.
I see a sea of beauty diverse
and I want more. 


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  1. Brilliant my friend đź–¤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susi Bocks says:

    Striving, one foot in front of the other, hope – whatever you call it, it’s the drive to satisfy the desire to live. Well done!


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