Sins Of The Son

Crisp down to the core,
follow close to want more
of the drugs feel a roar
of smoke choke to the floor.

For the sting it brings sit
like a choir as a preacher quips
about the lies told so bold slip
do all the heavy burdens grips.

Sing in unison praise love rum
as we sing drink fine wine for fun.
Praise is a phase amidst wolves son
your trials here have just begun.

Thank you Lord I live a lie
as the ladies of my house they cry
at the sight of my loathsome eye
so in my night set cyanide aside. 

I’ll lick the slick edge of a blade
for the sight of the sweet fade
of light why not then feel the jade
of all fibers of pain slip assuage?

Choose the booze slick the dice
and play the game don’t think twice.
All that is real is not really nice
and all that we feel will reveal lies.

So I choose oblivion the Lord will
have to forgive as I live in the thrill.
Tribes like mine choose the real
things that numb the pain of the ill.

Heavy load I am blessed I confess
the more I loved in the end is less.
I love then all that is real manifests
then dies so I will the hurt address.


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