All the eyes that I entertain,
everyday dressed poor weak,
I take in droves not vain
so be careful don’t speak.

I cling on the verge of sanity
and the future I do not know.
I will speak no wise words,
and in this state I won’t grow.

I care even as I try to numb
feelings, emotions and flaws.
Nothing gracious comes from
an icy hand as my heart stalls.

Pulsing deep I take a breath,
at life as it strides to pass by.
Life keeps going all changes
as in my eye a tear I cry.

The end will come too soon,
all changes except shades of moon
that gleam down on the doomed
rays of hope from gloom.

I want to kiss the sun
while under a haze I make.
Because I trust not a one;
under the sun all is fake.

Take my hand please I fall
to the pain of hurt of want.
Heaven forgive me for all
of the past that me it haunts.

Tainted sheets I toss away
and different mirrors tell
of all the things that stay
in eyes that I see make hell.

The soul mine is sour see?
I dance for people every day.
I want a different life for me
as it slowly slips away.

Cold a heart lit mine smiles
in little things rejoice I will.
I am thankful for everything
that allows my heart to heal.


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